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welcome epicureanism! A heavenly place to learn gourmet cooking!

Our Unique Cuisine

Authentic Japanese


Learn how to make Japanese dishes in the best authentic way from prep to plating. 

All ingredients are organic and everything is made from scratch.   

Fusion with International


Looking for a unique cooking experience?  We can do fusion with French, Italian or American blended with a Japanese twist. 

Authentic Sushi


The highest quality of sushi making class including: vinegar mixture; sushi rice, knife techniques ; roll; and much more!



Gyoza is one of the most popular dishes in Asian cuisine. It is really fun and easy to prepare and cook them. Choose from pork, shrimp or squid. Wanna try?

Home-Made Miso


Home-made miso cannot be compared to store bought ones. Once you try homemade, you do not want anything else.  Kate will show you the secrets so you can do it yourself with confidence. 

Dashi Broth Varieties


You will learn how to extract different broths from scratch. 

- Japanese fish/see weed broth

- Vegetable broth

- Japanese Pork broth

- Chicken broth 

- Beef broth

Unique Onigiri Sandwich


Want a healthier way to prepare your sandwich? Want to make your colleagues and friends jealous or what you are eating?  Kate can show you how easy it is to make.

Noodle Soup - Ramen


Ramen is Iconic noodle soup in this modern culture.  

You choose from soy sauce base, salt base, or miso base. 

We will make it all from scratch! 

Dashi broth and Egg Custard


Chawanmushi is a traditional Japanese appetizer made from steamed savoury egg custard with delicate dashi broth.   Must be combined with Dashi Broth class.

Japanese Breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Japanese consume large portions of fish, eggs, a couple of side dishes, miso soup and rice.  We will prepare all of these traditional elements.



Okonomiyaki is a popular pancake that consists of batter, cabbage and meat. You can add a variety of toppings and ingredients to make it even tastier! 

Adults/Kids Bento Boxes


A number of savory food items are packed in a little square box in an artful manner.  This class is designed not only for cooking skills, but it is also an edible craft lesson. 



Macarons lovers,  want to make authentic French macarons? They are thought to be difficult to make, but Kate can guide you through it easy step by easy step! 

Cream Puffs


Ever wanted to make classic French cream puffs? We will start with basic Pâté a choux pastry. You can choose from either vanilla whip cream or caramel vanilla cream for your filling! I will show you both secret techniques!

Sweet Tooth Baking


Welcome to "Kate's baking science world! "

I will show you all sorts of fun techniques and secrets that makes the science of baking simple and easy.  Come with me on this amazing journey!

Culinary Packages/Gift Card

All sales are final

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Whether you seek an intensive course, single session or corporate/group/family culinary events, we are more than happy to assist you with fun, yet learnable culinary experience.

Please let us know any food restrictions or limitations. We will make sure to meet your food requirements! 

All food is organic.

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Our Policy

General Policies

Hi Gastronomers! Our friendly studio welcomes all levels of experience. The class starts with a brief introduction, so please arrive promptly so that you don't miss it. Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring slippers or wear socks, as we expect street shoes to be left at the door. 


Corporate/Private Events: Deposits are non-refundable 30 days before the day of the event. If a Private Event is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the scheduled date, the remaining balance will be due at that time regardless of any conditions.

All general cooking class:  Sales are final and non-refundable 4 days prior to the scheduled class. If you are within the above stated windows of time, reservations cannot be canceled or rescheduled, and are not refundable. We accept transfer of your reservation to another person. Payment should be made upon reservation. If cancellation occurs before the above window, it can be applied to reschedule, or refund. 

Catering: Deposits are non-refundable 30 days before the day of the event. If a Private Event is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the scheduled date, the remaining balance will be due at that time regardless of any conditions.

Gift certificates: All sales are final.

Food Allergies

Please let us know any food allergies or dietary restrictions when reservation is made, so that we can work on a menu to accommodate your restrictions. 


By participating and/or being a legal guardian of a participant in a class at Kate's Kitchen, you hereby agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Kate's Kitchen, the employees, and any contractors from any and all liability of any kind for any damages and/or injuries incurred in connection with attendance of the class. By participating in the class you understand and accept the risks, accidents and injuries that are inherent in participating in a cooking class, including the risks inherent in the preparation, cooking and eating of food, including the dangerous use of knives, kitchen tools, electronic kitchen equipment, and the use of a stove. Knowing the risks, nevertheless, by participating in the class you hereby agree to assume those risks and to release and to hold harmless Kate's Kitchen, the employees, and contractors, who through negligence or carelessness might otherwise be liable for damages. It is further understood and agreed that this waiver, release and assumption of risk is to be binding on your heirs and assigns.


We offers classes  for families, including children over 5 years old, and will coordinate/adjust the menu accordingly. However, at least one parent must accompany children if their age is younger than 10, and assume responsibility for that child. A separate waiver is required, depending on the age of the child.